IT support is not a need of tangled businesses only. Small businesses also need IT support to perform a variety of tasks such as managing accounts, planning processes, and so on. Luckily, the businesses have two options to accomplish the task. They can either maintain an onsite team or hire the professionals remotely. However, the decision is not easy. You are required to put many points in place before making the decision such as

  • What is the need of your company?
  • The skills and experience you require.
  • The urgency of the service.

Let’s understand both the options and the benefits and limitations of each.

Remote IT Support

In remote IT support, the technical person reaches the client’s machine with the help of an internet connection and help them to get a solution from the distance.

Remote IT Support – Upsides

  • Instant solution

One prominent benefit of remote IT support services is an instant solution to the problem. Waiting for the professional to reach your site is not required.

  • Lower cost

Remote IT support services do not involve any traveling or transportation costs associated. Both technicians, as well as customers, are benefitted from this saved cost.

  • Longer availability of services

Remote IT support services have expanded business hours as compared to the onsite services.


  • Lack of one-on-one interaction

In some cases, one-on-one interaction becomes extremely important to find out the right solution and assure a long-term solution. Remote support is not suitable for such situations.

  • Dependency on the network connectivity

A remote technician can work only with the availability of an internet connection. Lack of internet connectivity will not allow you to get a solution for your problem and may cause harm if the problem is severe and needs a timely solution.

Onsite IT Support

Onsite IT support refers to the personal handling of a problem. The onsite IT support can be further classified into two categories namely, remote onsite support and dedicated onsite support.

In remote onsite support, an outside person travels to the client’s site to understand and resolve the issue. In dedicated online support, the company maintains a dedicated support team for a specific number of hours.

Onsite IT Support – Upsides

  • No dependency on internet connectivity.

Onsite IT support services can be leveraged fully despite the absence of internet connectivity.

  • A better understanding of the issue

Onsite IT support services encourage better diagnosis and understanding of complex issues such as the failure of hard-drive.


  • High Cost

Sticking on onsite IT support involves more expenditure than the remote one.

  • Restricted service hours

The onsite support services can be leveraged only for a specific timeline.

As we can see, both options are completely different and have their own set of pros and cons, the selection of a particular service depends on your personal choice and requirements! VCS IT Solutions offers both Onsite and Remote IT Services to fulfill your requirements with taking extra care. Let us know your requirements through phone number: +1 (732) 723-7055 or simply drop a message at We would love to assist you with care.

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