The Workgroup NJ (TWG) is a busy recruiting firm in Central New Jersey with 4 satellite offices and 29 employees. It is quickly becoming one of the most trusted recruiting firms in the US. When they were experiencing troubles their servers as well as connections to their VPN (Virtual Private Network) from all four of their sites, VCS IT Solutions came to the rescue immediately to correct their problems and prevent future ones.

Diane from TWG remarked:

“We can’t operate without our IT network and with our server down, we were literally at a standstill. Victor and his team from VCS are lifesavers! I called and they got to work right away, so we were back up and running in no time.”

VCS dealt with immediate Issues

First, the team at VCS got the server back up and running, and the satellite offices connected to the VPN. Then they replaced all the company’s firewalls and established a reliable connection to all four offices. VCS incorporated the following new solutions into TWG’s IT infrastructure:

  • Dell Power Edge Servers;
  • SonicWall TZ105;
  • Acronis Backup and Restore;
  • Amazon Cloud Backup;
  • QNap NAS.

VCS Provided Additional Novel Solutions for TWG

The VCS team implemented TempWorks Cloud for TWG’s customer relationship program. Now when recruited employees come to the office, rather than tediously filling out forms, they simply input information into a template on a Windows 8 Tablet. The information is immediately populated into a database eliminating the need for the TWG staff to key in data. This saves TWG at least four to five hours of work each week, and applications and paychecks are processed quickly and easily.

VCS team also migrated TWG’s record management software from their in-house server to the cloud, providing greater flexibility and security. VCS provided everything from start to finish, including cabling, and they handle anything TWG needs related to IT connectivity. VCS act as a one-stop-shop for all TWG’s IT requirements.

Today VCS provides TWG the ongoing support they need

VCS provides TWG ongoing IT support for their day-to-day operations and quarterly server maintenance as well as help desk support. Diane doesn’t know what TWG would do without the team of VCS:

“We rely on them for everything IT, and we know that they will always be here when we need them, and quickly! Because we’re still growing and changing we rely on VCS to provide us cost-effective solutions that may change as time goes on, and to keep us up and running no matter what. We can’t do without them”

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