VCS IT Solution is proud to announce that our company passed Full Shade Qualification Training and now able to offer installation of the full line of Lutron Shading Solutions. We are honored to carry the Lutron flag under our banner.  This premium product is a reliable, robust, yet elegant solution for Lighting Control and Home Automation.  With over 15 000 products and 2700 worldwide patents, Lutron is the leader in the industry and their 8-year warranty is a testament to their commitment to developing a superior product and solution.

Developed for both residential and commercial use the multiple award-winning solutions from Lutron focuses on lighting and shading solutions with an extensive range of customized solutions for our clients.

For any home, Lutron offers uncompromising reliability, control, and comfort via your iPad or intelligent keypad creating a comfortable living space and saving you electricity at the same time.

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