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What is Office 365? Microsoft says: “It is Office 2013 and a set of cloud-based enterprise services.”

So what does it mean? It means that Office 365 is like a Meccano that consists of several bricks:

  1. Usual and well-known Microsoft Office 2013. The license allows you to install it on 5 computers and 5 more smartphones or tablets. Once a month, your office will refer to Microsoft network cards and check your license. If it won’t, then the office will stop editing the documents.
  2. OneDrive with 25 gigabytes of free space. You can upload your documents and give access to colleagues and friends. Also, at the same time, you can work on documents even in the browser.
  1. “Office on Demand” is a really cool part. This function is necessary when you got to the computer, where there is an Internet with no office. You can download several dozens of megabytes and work in the usual Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. The office will automatically remove itself from the computer in an hour after the work is finished.
  2. An e-mail with 50 gigabytes of free space as a mailbox.
  3. Task scheduler and a calendar
  4. An absolutely great video conference service like Skype. It is even cooler than Skype. You can record your conversation and presentation, lead a webinar, and you can also arrange a video conference with those who don’t have any links. There is also a built-in ability to display your screen and allow access to it.
  5. SharePoint online. With the help of this service, you can quickly make all sorts of approvals for business trips and contracts, attach beautiful panels with reporting and much more. The benefits of this service can be listed for hours
  6. Programs for project management and a CRM system

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VCS IT Solutions is an authorized partner of Microsoft. We work in New Jersey.

You can buy the whole pack at once, or you can do it separately. Once you tried and liked it, then you pay for the use of a year. If you don’t like the service, then you deny the payment. In case of more users to join, you pay extra money, and if some users left then the recalculation is made.

The main benefits of the Office 365 cloud services are:

  1. Saving. There is no need for personal servers or other expensive hardware. We save money on engineering, power supply and renting premises. We no longer require a one-time purchase of software licenses, we also save money on the seasonality of the business – we pay only for the licenses that are actually used. The implementation of the solution and its subsequent support are greatly simplified – we save time.
  2. Flexibility. If the company grows rapidly or cuts staff, it becomes easier to adapt the structure of IT services to work, to connect/disconnect new employees. Opening a branch in another region is no longer a problem.
  3. Mobility. The services are available in every place where the Internet is. Once you are ill you can work from home or if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you can work from a car. If you have a browser, you have a workplace. Office 365 is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

As Bryan Posey wrote: “You can’t refer to moving to the cloud thoughtlessly.” You need a plan, you need an expertise, maybe you need a consultation. Speak to partners, an expertise and the ability to escalate problems in Microsoft makes this help very valuable and useful. It is important not to be afraid to ask questions. The more carefully everything is planned, the fewer problems will come up in the future.


VCS IT Solutions is an authorized partner of Microsoft. We work in New Jersey.

Advantages of working with VCS IT Solutions:

  • A personal manager.
  • The first line of support.
  • Consultation with users on the functionality of products and features of Office 365.
  • Elimination of technical problems in the work of the cloud.
  • Help in solving technical problems on the client side that affected the work of Office 365.
  • Configuring services and applications.

What you get

  • Reliable uninterrupted work of all the Office 365 services.
  • Timely consultations of experienced specialists.
  • Qualified answers to any questions about Office 365.
  • Fault tolerance of IT services gives you a competitive advantage in business.

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