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At VCS IT Solutions, we take pride in delivering realistic guidance, independent and excellent-practice IT solutions to both private and government schools and colleges. It’s vital that educational institutions get the necessary IT support they need to protect the confidential data while at the same time fulfilling the requirements of its staff for effective lesson planning and teaching. In today’s education world, reliable IT support has become significant to learning.

VCS IT Solutions provide 24x7 IT support to educational institutions which includes planning as well as network assistance. We devise a support plan keeping your budget in mind and maximizing your productivity. With our impartial advice you can improve your institute’s competence as we work with you closely to recognize your evolving technical needs and provide relevant IT solutions for the same. VCS IT Solutions assure you quick and responsive IT support at all times.


Safeguard your business and meet compliance necessities:

  • Level up learning with electronic boards, video conferencing, VoIP
  • Safeguard confidential student/staff information
  • Friendly, reliable staff support 24×7
  • Secure your network
  • Prohibit improper browsing with solid DNS filtering

Allow VCS IT Solutions to prioritize chief areas and ensure that your institutes IT are functioning effortlessly.


The technical world is changing constantly and in order to ace your business, you have to keep up with the demands. Yes, it can get overwhelming! That is when VCS IT Solutions play the role. We carefully assess your unique IT needs and work along with you keeping future in mind. Our guidance will ensure that your institutes IT is resilient.


Frequent problems we look into:

  • Providing assistance to remote students
  • Devising plans for future data protection
  • Devising plans for regaining functionality after cyber attacks
  • Supporting student learning with iOS and Windows
It’s an honor for VCS IT Solutions to take care of your IT needs and act as a go-between you and other agencies. We are here with our expert team to meet your business requirements with customized and unique IT solutions. It will not only boost your productivity but also ensure smooth functioning of your business. Build your business with VCS IT Solutions.


Let our IT solution experts do their work while you can focus on your business’s success.
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