Email migration to Office 365

Email migration to Office 365

E-mail migration in Office 365 is a vast and very “private” topic. A lot of people use Exchange and SharePoint, or even Lync Server. Of course, there should be no chance of losing a letter or a document. Microsoft offers a full set of scripts and tools, starting with manual migration through.PST files and ending with the temporary or permanent integration of your IT infrastructure and the cloud with AD sync and moving users to the cloud and back with a single mouse click – the so-called hybrid scenario. Each of the ways has advantages and disadvantages. You can make an e-mail migration in Office 365 by yourself. But there is a possibility of losing letters that contain valuable information.

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VCS IT Solutions specialists will help you make the migration of your  e-mail to Office 365 quickly and professionally.

VCS IT Solutions is an authorized partner of Microsoft that functions in New Jersey. 

Corporate mail can be purchased as a separate service or as a part of some Office 365 plans. In addition to the functions of classic corporate mail, the service provides employees with an access to the files and calendars. Huge 50 GB mailboxes, 99% protection from spam and 100% protection from well-known viruses.

What you get

VCS IT Solutions is a certified partner of Microsoft Office 365. By cooperating with us, you are guaranteed to reduce the risks of force majeure in the migration process: all the emerging problems and non-standard situations are escalated by specialists directly to Microsoft.