How to Install In-Ceiling Speakers

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Right now in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are not just a part of a sound system. They are a part of the interior design.

That’s how we install in-ceiling speakers step by step.

Step 1: Wiring

From the beginning, when the frame is ready, but everything is open, no sheetrock yet, the best time to do wiring: run the cables from future audio-video closet or rack to speaker places.

Wiring for the in-ceiling speakers

Step 2: Speaker Installation

When the┬áceiling is almost ready, but not finally painted, it’s time to install speakers itself. So we cut the ceiling using speaker template, hook up speaker cables, fix speakers in their places.

Step 3: Grills Installation

The final step: put grills on the speakers.

In-ceiling speakers with grills

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