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Planning disaster protection

No matter what type of business you are in, you are likely greatly dependent on your stores of data and information. In today’s information-driven business landscape, data is a valuable currency upon which the success–or failure–of the business hinges. Loss of data can have devastating effects on a business, with the potential to affect its day-to-day operations, and even its very existence.

Here is where VCS IT Solutions comes in. A virtual one-stop shop that offers anything and everything that you could possibly need to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your business, VCS IT Solutions provides a wide range of data backup solutions and disaster recovery services that can help you recover from even the most serious instances of data loss without missing a bit.

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VCS IT Solutions has all your data recovery and archiving needs covered.

So much more than just a data recovery service, VCS IT Solutions will work closely with you in developing a highly efficient and cost-effective data recovery plan that is geared specifically to the needs of your business. VCS IT Solutions’ team of professionals is firmly committed to providing you with a data recovery and security solution that takes your specific needs into consideration. Whether you need to back up valuable company data off-site or you need to duplicate your entire business to be switched on instantly in the event of an emergency, VCS IT Solutions is the best option for the job. These systems are also priced accordingly, with factors such as the cost of downtime weighed against the potential cost of the backup and recovery system.
In spite of your best efforts, data loss is a constant threat that is always just lurking around the corner. The question you must ask yourself is: “Are you prepared for when that happens?” Give VCS IT Solutions a call today, and the answer to that question will be a resounding “Yes!”

Unfortunately, data is only as safe and secure as the medium in which it is stored. Although they may seem infallible, hard drives and other devices used for storing data are actually quite fragile, and complete and total data loss is always a constant threat. As you can imagine, this can have severe consequences for any business.

Rudimentary backup systems do not always offer a significant measure of protection against data loss either. Backup copies might contain errors, optical disks can become damaged, and backup drives might get lost, stolen, corrupted, or otherwise be rendered unusable.

All this doesn’t even take into consideration the inconvenience that lost data can cause. Even if the data can somehow be restored, the time lost the effort involved in data recovery, plus the loss of customer trust can each have equally damaging consequences. What all business owners need is a safe and reliable backup system that can minimize the damage caused by the loss of data and make it easier to recover from such incidents as quickly and as efficiently as possible.