What is a commercial audio system?

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Need a background music for restaurant or cafe? Announcement system for office or warehouse? Sound for meeting and conference rooms?

Commercial high-voltage audio systems are made for this type of installations.

Components of commercial audio system

  1. In-ceiling or surface mounted speakers
  2. High-voltage amplifier
  3. Zone controller
  4. Volume and source controllers


In-ceiling or surface-mounted speakers are specially designed for the 70V commercial audio systems and include transformers to step down signal to lower level. Commercial speakers can be connected in-line.

In ceiling speakers mounting


Special high-voltage commercial amplifiers can work with speakers and many sound sources.

Zone controller

Zone controller allows operate different audio zones. For example, at a restaurant can be some zones with different music for each zone.

Volume and source controllers

Volume and source controllers allow to adjust volume and switch audio sources remotely. These controllers could be in-wall mounted at most suitable places.

Benefits of commercial audio systems

  1. High voltage allows to use thin, less expensive wires for the system
  2. Commercial audio systems work good at big places like warehouses with long cable runs.
  3. The amplifiers in these systems don’t have “load impedance” issues. It doesn’t matter how many speakers you connect.
  4. Easy to integrate with commercial video systems, like digital signage, video conferences, etc.

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