One stop solution

Shaping digital experiences for global growth, our IT consulting work seamlessly integrates AI to enrich lives and drive business trends.

Managed IT Services

Our IT consulting experts specialize in automating and digitalizing operations using cutting-edge technologies.

  • + Innovative Approach
  • + Problem Resolution
  • + IT Project Management

Workplace Mordernisation

Simplify, automate, and streamline your IT infrastructure and Gain visibility and faster with VCS's expertise.

  • + Network Management
  • + Firewall Management
  • + Server Management

Cloud computing

Explore top-tier cloud computing solutions , you're interested in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

  • + Amazon AWS Support
  • + Google Cloud Support
  • + Microsoft Azure Support

Cyber Security

VCS IT delivers Cybersecurity Services, providing advanced threat protection, secure networks, and proactive risk management.

  • + Advanced Threat Protection
  • + Secure Infrastructure
  • + Data Encryption

Software Development

Our bespoke development crafts unique solutions for your business, while our reporting services provide clear insights for informed decision-making.

  • + Tailored Solutions
  • + Precision Development
  • + Clear Insights

Reporting Factory

We provide reporting factory which is a powerful tool for organizations, seamlessly integrating data from various sources like Excel, financials, and CRM. .

  • + Integration Hub
  • + Optimized Insights
  • + Collaborative Reports

Office Setup & Relocation

Our office setup and relocation services ensure a seamless transition, starting with a detailed space assessment and planning to minimize disruptions.

  • + Detailed Space Assessment
  • + Seamless Logistics Planning
  • + Expert IT Migration

Phone System

Our VoIP phone system offers advanced features to enhance workflow, capturing all interactions across calls, emails, and texts in one platform.

  • + Advanced Features
  • + Integrated Platform
  • + Caller Insight

Physical Security

Protect your business with our advanced physical security solutions, including CCTV, access control systems, and biometric access.

  • + CCTV Monitoring
  • + Access Control
  • + Comprehensive Solutions

Audio Visual Solution

Enhance business communications with our advanced Audio Visual solutions, including video conferencing and efficient light management.

  • + Boardroom & Training Rooms
  • + Video Conferencing
  • + Light and Shade Solutions


How we work

step 01

Client Consultation

Understand client needs and gather project requirements.

step 02

Project Planning

Develop detailed project plan, allocate resources.

step 03

Design and Prototyping

Create software design, seek client feedback.

step 04

QA and Testing

Ensure functionality, security, and performance, collaborate on UAT.

step 05


Deploy finalized product, provide training and documentation.

step 06

Maintenance and Support

Offer ongoing support, implement updates based on feedback.

step 07


Maintain comprehensive documentation for code, user manuals, and system architecture.

We work with global largest brands

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